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Empower Your Voice

Video Intercom

Visual Communication: Explore the power of video intercoms, providing clear and secure visual communication at entry points, enhancing both convenience and security.

Visitor Verification: Discover how video intercoms allow for visual verification of visitors before granting access, adding an extra layer of safety to your facility.

Integration Capabilities: Learn about the seamless integration of video intercoms with other security systems, enabling a comprehensive and unified security network.

Desk Stations

Centralized Communication Hub: Uncover the capabilities of 2N desk stations, serving as a centralized communication hub for efficient and secure internal communication.

Customizable Solutions: Explore the customizable features of 2N desk stations, allowing you to tailor the communication system to match the unique needs of your facility.

Enhanced Collaboration: Learn how 2N desk stations contribute to enhanced collaboration and coordination, creating a more connected and responsive environment.

App Integration

Mobile Access and Control: Explore the convenience of app integration, providing users with the flexibility to access and control intercom systems from their mobile devices.

Visitor Management: Discover how app integration enhances visitor management, allowing for remote authorization, visitor tracking, and real-time notifications.

User-Friendly Experience: Learn about the user-friendly interfaces of our app integration, making it easy for users to manage and monitor network intercoms on the go.

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Desk Stations

App Integration

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