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Opening Office Building Door

Beyond Locks and Keys

Card Readers

Keyless Entry Solutions: Explore our range of card readers that provide secure and convenient access control without the need for traditional keys.

Customized Access: Learn how our card readers can be configured to suit your specific security requirements, whether for individual doors or throughout your facility.

Integration and Reporting: Discover the integration capabilities that enable card reader data to be seamlessly incorporated into your security systems, providing detailed access reports and analytics.

Network Controllers

Centralized Access Control: Find out how our network controllers serve as the central hub for managing access across your facility, offering real-time control and monitoring.

Scalability and Flexibility: Explore the scalability of our network controllers, accommodating your facility's growth and evolving security needs.

Integration Capabilities: Learn about the seamless integration of network controllers with other security systems, including video surveillance and alarm systems.

Wireless Locks

Wireless Security Solutions: Discover the advantages of our wireless locks, which offer enhanced security and flexibility without the need for complex wiring.

Mobile Access: Explore how our wireless locks can be integrated with mobile access solutions, enabling secure and convenient entry through smartphones or smart credentials.

Remote Management: Learn how our wireless locks provide the convenience of remote access management, allowing you to control and monitor your facility's access from anywhere.

Access Control Collection

Card Readers

Network Controllers

Wireless Locks

Solutions in All Sizes

Solutions by Industry

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