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Our Services

Welcome to our comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance the safety, security, and technological capabilities of educational institutions. At Twisted Computing, we're passionate about creating innovative solutions that empower schools to provide the best possible environment for learning and growth. Explore our range of services, from cutting-edge security camera systems and access control solutions to cybersecurity measures and advanced communication technologies. Our commitment is to deliver expert consultation and implementation that pave the way for a brighter future in education.


Our range of security solutions, is designed to provide comprehensive protection while seamlessly integrating with your institution's existing infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Services

From proactive risk assessment to cutting-edge defense strategies, our expert team is committed to fortifying your institution's digital defenses.

Gaming Station


Our Esports integration solutions are designed to provide educational institutions with the tools to create immersive and competitive gaming environments.

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Our range of solutions are designed to empower educators and students, with efficient tools that foster collaboration, engagement, and information dissemination.


Our array of immersive sound systems, high-definition projectors, and dynamic stage lighting, is designed to transform traditional classrooms into captivating spaces of learning and creativity.



Our suite of comprehensive managed services is designed to keep your school running smoothly and securely. We facilitate an environment focused on learning, not troubleshooting.

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