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Hotel Lobby

Point of Sales System

For many businesses that identify as part of the hospitality industry, the POS system is the brain of the operations. POS configuration can be a complicated and meticulous process. Our staff work to ensure your brand, menu, and financial tools are integrated into your new POS software.

Security Systems

Setting up security systems can be an arduous task, ranging from cable installation to software configuration. We make things effortless and affordable. Partnerships with nationwide vendors allow us to install quality products such as security cameras and door access modules. Upon completion, our project liaisons work tirelessly to train your staff on operation procedures of newly installed equipment. 

Phone Systems

Upgrading to a VOIP based phone system can seem like a daunting task on your own. Our partnership with 3CX allows us to offer remote monitoring, management and Yealink phones. Limit unnecessary spending by switching from traditional phone line to a SIP trunk provider. Port existing phone numbers without fear of losing clients.  

A/V Solutions

From lobbies to event halls, we provide comprehensive solutions for your organization's A/V needs. Upgrading sound systems, projectors, and digital signage has never been easier. Our highly trained integrations team works tirelessly to provide a seamless transition. Through extensive acoustic audits, we are able to spec the best sounding system based on physical space and limitations. 

in the
Dining Room

The hospitality industry has been most effected post pandemic. Many organizations still struggle to replicate revenue seen in past years. Technology upgrades are commonly associated with increased foot traffic. Upgraded sound systems, televisions, and security systems allow your business to remain competitive while ensuring staff and patron safety.

Pouring Beer
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