Commercial Services

As an emerging technology company in the Greater Pittsburgh Area, Twisted Computing offers a very broad range of services to our clients. We understand that no two organizations are the same and as a result, Twisted Computing offers both Concierge and Supplemental Services. This allows us to assign technicians based on experience, understanding, and availability. Below is a list of managed services that we currently offer.

What We Offer - Commercial

Concierge Services

Hiring and managing an onsite technology department is costly and complicated. Eliminate the guesswork with our managed I.T. services. This will give you full access to our industry-leading technology experts.

Dedicated technicians, preferred pricing, accelerated response times, and more! Concierge Services are comparable to good mechanics. Would you rather a mechanic hold off on replacing a part and you break down on the side of the road or would you prefer to have the work done prior to your car failing?


Security Systems

Twisted Computing is driven to make your organization or business secure. Whether it is physical security or cyber-security, we have you covered. We work with some of the area's top security professionals.

Specifically speaking, we offer any of the following:


  • Installation/management of industry leading security cameras

  • Installation/management of industry leading door access modules

  • Installation/management of industry leading wearable body cameras

  • Network security audits

  • AI based cybersecurity protection

  • Risk Management


Preventative Maintenance

Twisted Computing will run and monitor several daily tasks on every workstation, server, and network device in an organization. This lessens the likelihood of workstations, servers, and network equipment causing downtime.


Website Development

Developing a website can prove challenging; especially when trying to balance aesthetics and search engine optimization. Trust Twisted Computing to work closely with your company's representatives to design a website that suites your company's vision and can attract more clientele. 


Phone Systems

Twisted Computing promotes the business of 3CX, an industry leader in VOIP phone systems. Partnered with Yealink phones, this phone system integration is great for any sized business whatever your need may be. 

Specifically speaking, we offer any of the following:


  • Installation of 3CX Phone System

  • Installation of New Phones

  • Monitoring and Management of 3CX

  • Porting over Existing Number from a Previous Carrier

  • Remote monitoring, management, and troubleshooting of the 3CX phone system and Yealink phones


Network Configuration

Twisted Computing has a close partnership with Great Communications, a local Internet Service Provider. We have several skilled technicians on-call to rectify network outages 24/7. With our Concierge Service package, rest assured we will rectify any network conflicts or outages in an expedited fashion.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can set your business apart. SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Simply put, SEO assists your businesses website in climbing towards the top of any search engine's results. You may also utilize the analytics provided to better understand how your customers interact with your business.